Private Brands

Our Private Brand, actually isn’t a real brand.

Own Brand DIWAA brand name commits certain quality characteristics of a product. Industry and commerce invest large amounts of money every year to enable their brands to be connected to certain characteristics, become trusted and in the end to be bought by their customers.

The brand name DIWA also stands for characteristics of certain products. And thus the communalities to other products already end. There is no advertising budget, there are no public relation events or trips to foreign countries to be won.

The claim of the brand DIWA reduces itself the basics and is easily stated:

High, professional quality to convenient prices

Actually there is not much more one can say about it. That’s the reason why we save unnecessary advertising costs that usually would have to be added onto the price of our products.

DIWA-Products can only be found for Christmas trees und in the field of cut greenery. We tell those who regret this limitation: “Sorry, but we only do things that we really do well.”


Gut Katharinenhof

Nordwälder Premium


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